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Hire a commission agent

If you do not have the opportunity to place a bid in writing, in person or online, or you want to be sure to get a certain lot, hire a commission agent to look after your interests in the auction room.

The following commission agents are usually represented at our auctions. Feel free to contact them directly.

Mr. Fabian Kirchheim
Op de Höh 21
22395 Hamburg
email: lorenz.kirchheim@t-online.de
Phone: 0049 40-64532545
Fax: 0049 40-64532241

Dr. Peter Müller Service GmbH
Müllenborner Straße 62
54568 Gerolstein
email: peter@mueller-muellenborn.de
Phone: 0049 6591-954495
Fax: 0049 6591-954499


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